Finale of K Visas Application – The Us Migration Visa Interview

While the meeting just requires a little while stay at the US international safe haven, this last piece of the K Visa application process is vital. It is the second the candidate approves herself and her cases by presenting her visa application records and responding to inquiries from the examining visa official. The inquiries differ from individual to general so you need to acquaint yourself about your US life partner’s very own subtleties and your relationship subtleties as these could put you on the area of interest later on.

Normal Meeting Issues

To plan for the meeting part of the visa application, it very well may be judicious to take a gander at the most widely recognized justifications for why settler visa applications are denied at the US consulate in Bangkok. Realizing these normal reasons would cause you to guess what reports to bring to cure likely issues. The reasons incorporate the accompanying: Missing sworn statement of Help or on the other hand in the event that not it is deficient – You need to ensure that your American life partner or companion has recorded an I-864. Or on the other hand even better, bring a unique duplicate of the refined affirmation of help structure by your support. You can likewise show a duplicate of his most recent Government expense form so bring this as well. Deficient verification or proof of on-going and certified relationship – You should be prepared to lay out your on-going relationship with your American life partner or companion. Gather all email trades, photographs together and cash move receipts, tickets, marriage declaration and different bits of proof to show your relationship. Powerlessness to communicate one’s thoughts in English during the meeting – It would be great to expect the inquiries that the visa official would ask and rehearse yourself responding to them.


The US consulate in Bangkok in spite of the volume of applications that they need to handle makes an honest effort to deal with visa applications as opportune as could be expected. The visa perhaps conceded following meeting following a couple of long periods of assessing it. Or on the other hand the consulate might encourage you to come on one more date to get your visa. On the off chance that there are missing records or extra archives which the consulate requires the handling of the visa will be consistently take more time.

Denied Visa Application

In the event that a Visa Bankervn application is denied, the official will probably make sense of the justification for the visa dismissal. On the off chance that you enrolled the service of a visa specialist, they ought to have the option to clarify the justification behind you further and ideally, track down ways of curing the issue. While perhaps not then it very well may be great talking with US visa experts to help you with your reapplication.

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